38W ultraviolet germicidal lamp

     This product is a high-power UV sterilization lamp, 38W high-power U-shaped tube, which can produce ozone quickly, has no dead angle sterilization, has more comprehensive and thorough sterilization effect, and is suitable for indoor large-area sterilization.

UVC sterilization box

    This product is a UV germicidal lamp, with 185nm and 253.7nm dual function tubes built in, which has dual germicidal effect of UV and ozone, dead angle germicidal, and more comprehensive and thorough germicidal effect; 253.7nm UV directly acts on the DNA of bacteria to achieve the germicidal effect; 185nm lamp produces ozone through UV, so as to destroy microbial cells and kill microorganisms through ozone, which can also be used for sterilization Smell. Affected by the global epidemic situation and market demand, we hereby launch the ultra practical UVD sterilization box, which can be used for the sterilization of mobile phones, masks, glasses, jewelry and other daily necessities, with the sterilization effect up to 99.99%; this product has the aromatherapy function, and after sterilization, it can also bring fresh fragrance to the sterilized products, making people relaxed and happy, can't let go!